List of minor and major NPCs in the story. Here for your perusal.


Tuathla/Theresa: Liam’s guide, and the Bean Sidhe of the Black family lineage. She is very polite, and turns rather timid in the presence of Jessica. Her nature makes her invisible to people unless she looks them in the eye, something she only does when either addressed or she senses death and illness. Tuathla finds herself drawn to Liam, likely because she is drawn to death in the Black Family, and his nature as a scion makes him reek of death while still remaining alive. She has been told that she may, at some point in the future, need to reveal herself to mortals… and has been given the name “Theresa” for that purpose.

Jessica McAllen: Liam’s tutor in the ways of the gods. Speaks little about herself, but much about everything else. She acts like a former soldier, and even prefers to go by her last name. She tends to have a relatively emotionless face, but smirks whenever something amuses her.

Melinda Travis: Lenean Sidhe who has lived in the area for a long time. She married an immortal man who she could feed off unlimitedly without killing, putting an end to her life as a vampiric fae. Recently she has gone back to feeding when someone stole her husband’s immortality, rendering him comatose.


Chuck : Fellow construction worker, and very talkative man. Single and looking, he assumes that any woman who even passes through the town is fair game. He likes to consider himself the foremost expert in the town’s rumors and history.

Jack : Fellow construction worker, timid man. Becomes more outgoing when he drinks. Doesn’t tell people much about himself.

Mick : Bartender, son of the owner of East Falls General Store and Bar. Nice guy, rather charitable. Angers his mother when he gives out too many free drinks.

Jenny : Cashier at East Falls General Store. She has lived in this town since she was a young child, but has a mild southern US accent, on account of her parents. She knows most of the people in town to at least some degree, and has a knack for remembering the purchasing habits of customers. She has a chronic smoking habit, and chews gum when in non-smoking areas to keep herself calm.

Herb : Chief of police in town. A workaholic who is used to the way things used to be, he isn’t particularly fond of the gradual digitization of the world. While he allowed the station to get a brand new police database server, he demands everyone to make paper copies of all files. He has no computer in his office, instead preferring to use his typewriter.


Gregory Larson: The first of the mysterious suicides in town. A local wealthy man who lived up on the peak of the mountain, Gregory is one of the number of wealthy retirees who have moved to this town. His death came but days after the notice that a lumber company would be moving into the area.

Franklin David: The second mysterious suicide. A retired author who moved to town to live out his days in quiet, he died shortly after he begun writing again. Rumors persist that he had a romance at the time, but no one remembers who she was, if she existed.


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